Covid 19 Vaccination
NorthLakes Doctors has been approved as a provider for Covid-19 vaccination. Patients will only be able to receive the Covid vaccine during the Covid Vaccine Clinics and not via standard appointments. This is due to the vaccine coming in multi dose vials and having a very short shelf life once the vial is opened.

Please do not make an online standard booking with your Doctor as we will be unable to provide you with the vaccine.  If you wish to make an appointment, please contact our reception staff on 07 3204 4433.

*We are not able to offer the Pfizer (Comirnaty) vaccination at our practice

As with any vaccination, it is important that you understand the vaccine, the risk, and benefits. To start your decision-making process please ensure you research information from reliable sources, for example

On the day of your appointment, you will see one of our Doctors who will provide you with information on the risk and benefits of the vaccination, if you consent our Treatment Room Nurse will administer your vaccination, you will then need to remain in the practice for a minimum of 15 minutes or as directed.

National Immunisation Program Australia
This program outlines a series of vaccinations given at specific times through out life. All vaccines listed in this schedule are free however eligibility is linked to Medicare.
  • Childhood vaccination
  • Adolescent vaccination
  • Adult vaccination
To book an appointment for any vaccination you will need to book an appointment with both the Doctor and the Treatment Room Nurse.  Please contact our reception staff on 07 3204 4433 to organise.  If you have used the HotDoc application, you will have booked your GP appointment but will need to contact our reception staff to book the corresponding appointment with the Treatment Nurse.

If your child is booked for a vaccination, please remember to bring your child’s Personal health record (red book) with you so that the Treatment Room Nurse can document vaccine information. Your ‘red book’ can be used for childcare or school records.

Travel vaccinations
It is recommended that you should consult your Doctor 6 – 12 weeks before you travel. Some countries may require you to be vaccinated against certain diseases. If you do not have the required vaccinations, you may be refused entry or required to have the necessary vaccination (s) at the border.

Health Information
A record of your vaccination will be entered into your medical record with our practice as well as the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). AIR is a national register that records vaccines given to people of all ages in Australia. Our Treatment Room Nurse will enter your vaccination details into this register. You can get a statement from AIR which proves you or your child’s immunisation history, and this can be used for child-care, school enrolment, employment or other. Centrelink also uses this register to determine eligibility for some family assistance payments.