Social and Emotional Wellbeing
There are times in our life when we are not coping with life stressors and we need to talk to some one to help us through difficult times.  Some of those stressors can relate to relationships, grieving over a loved one, reliving a traumatic event in life or continually being depressed. Your doctor is usually your first choice and has a number of strategies to assist you.

One strategy is preparation of a GP Mental Health Care Plan which will require an extra long appointment for assessment and appropriate referral. A Mental Health Care Plan identifies the issues you are concerned about, how you are currently feeling and what measures need to be taken. A referral can then be made to a Clinical Psychologist with an initial 6 visits. Following the 6th visit, the psychologist will provide a report back to your doctor requesting a further 4 visits. Medicare allows for a total of 10 psychologist visits per calendar year. Whilst we can make a referral to a psychologist and Medicare will pay for the visits, we cannot guarantee that there will not a gap fee.

If you need a GP Mental Health Care Plan please call our reception and discuss your needs as this plan takes some time to prepare and we want to make sure you get quality time with your doctor to prepare this plan.