Setting out your wishes in an Advanced Health Directive ensures that health professionals follow your instructions in the event that you are no longer able to make informed decisions about your health care.  You should complete the form and then discuss with your GP who will sign the document with you.

Completing an Enduring Power of Attorney  (EPoA) provides for one or more people to make decisions about your financial, health and accommodation issues in the event you can no longer make your own decisions. Your signature has to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. You can elect in the form when the EPoA comes into effect. In the event you are diagnosed with dementia, a Medical Professional will determine if you no longer have capacity to make informed decisions. 

A copy of both forms should be provided to your doctor to be scanned into your file and noted so any other health professional is aware of your wishes.

Advanced Health Directive 

Enduring Power of Attorney