Our practice provides a range of services to our patients including immunisations.
Childhood vaccinations are available in accordance with Queensland Health guidelines - National Immunisation Schedule

Influenza Vaccine:   
 - Government funded vaccines available to patient who are: 
  • over 65 years
  • have a Chronic Disease
  • are children aged between 6 months and 5 years
  • Any Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander person over 6 months of age
- Usually becomes available end of March or April each year.

This Surgery also carries other vaccines:
  • ADT (Dipetheria Tetanus)
  • pneumococcal & shingles vaccinations (age 70+)
  •  other catch up vaccines for Government immunisation program
All other vaccines, can be prescribed by your GP.
If you are traveling overseas, you should discuss with your GP the appropriate vaccines. These will need to be purchased from the pharmacy. Some vaccinations may require a schedule of up to three separate injections over a period of time so it is important that you plan ahead.