Care Plans & Health Assessments Care Plans & Health Assessments Care Plans & Health Assessments
General Practice Management Plans (Care Plans) 
To qualify for a care plan, your Doctor needs to determine if you have a chronic disease (e.g. diabetes, asthma, heart disease).  Your Doctor will then ask our practice nurse to complete a care plan in consultation with you.  Your GP then will meet with you and sign the necessary paper work to meet Medicare requirements.  The Plan identifies your health problems and needs, the goals you want to achieve and health care providers who can help you achieve your goals.  A Plan can be prepared every one to two years and should be reviewed at least 6 monthly. In some circumstances it may be reviewed every 3 months if your health condition warrants this.   The Plan may also enable Team Care Arrangements (TCA) Medicare funding. To qualify for TCA, Medicare requires that 3 health professionals are involved in your care. Your GP is one and the other two may involve a specialist and an allied health professional or two allied health professionals. As an example for diabetes, the team may consist of your GP, Diabetic Educator, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Podiatrist.     Medicare provides that a total 5 referrals can be made to allied health professionals per calendar year (Medicare counts the 5 visits when your allied health professional makes a claim).  At the completion of the Plan, you will be offered a copy to take to your allied health appointments.
The health care professional must be registered with Medicare before a rebate is payable. Please note that individual health professionals may charge a gap fee. You are advised to check with the health care professional before making an appointment.

Health Assessments
Medicare provides comprehensive health assessments for the following:
  1. Once only health assessment for people between the ages of 45-49
  2. Yearly health assessment for people 75 years plus
  3. Australian Defence Force Personnel who have left the forces within the last 12 months (Yearly for five years)
  4. Yearly for people who identify as Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander origin
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have had a health assessment can access 5 health care professionals per calendar year. If they also have a chronic disease they can access an additional 5 per calendar year under GPMP and TCA.

In some instances, patients who are on multiple medications can be offered a Home Medication review conducted by a Community Pharmacist. This will involve a Community Pharmacist visiting you at home and discussing the medications you take including supplementary medications. A report is provided to your GP who will then review your medications with you. The result may be reduced number of medications and/or alternative medications with better results. Medicare pays for this service.

If you have further questions, please discuss with our Practice Nurse or visit Medicare Australia website.